Koingo brings you the best apps

Our high-standards approach to software development ensures a premium user-experience. Our software was designed to be efficient and easy-to-use. It feels and looks like other Mac programs, so you won't have any difficulty getting started.

Experience more

Koingo has transformed into a multiple-use software company to better suit our the growing market's needs. We are continually refining and expanding our product lines which range from web applications and games to system utilities and productivity software.

One-on-one customer support

We take a direct approach to any and all types of customer problems and concerns by personally responding to every inquiry. No question is too small or too complicated: we care that you have a great experience with our products. We make it our mission to be here for you when you need assistance.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are a grow-centric company that is eager to continually improve our products. If you find anything lacking or can think of any other features you would like to see on a product, we absolutely look forward to your input. We see every trouble ticket as an opportunity to grow and relish the chance to resolve the issue. However, if, for any reason within the first thirty days of purchase, you are not completely happy with your purchase and wish to uninstall the product, we will fully refund you.